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21 September 2013

Etsy madness!

My absolute favorite pendant I've ever made... I dunno why, I just love it.

Lookie, lookie!  I have an Etsy site! is slowly but surely getting items added.  I hope to get through the jewelry tomorrow before a friend's wedding, and then I'll start adding the paintings and other miscellaneous stuff that I'd like to get out of my studio after the weekend.  It feels so refreshing to be DOING something with all the things I've made in the last couple years.  I sometimes feel weighed down and unable to come up with new ideas because I'm constantly surrounded by old ideas and spent creativity.

Also, I realized today that I showed pictures of my disaster of a craft room in the old house, but I've never shown you the "after" pics of my studio and craft space in the new house.  I will have to snap some pictures and get them posted in the next few days.

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