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21 September 2013

New Classes

New Classes!  See images below for more information.  To reserve a spot in these classes, make sure to contact me directly or call 405-310-3400 between 10-6 Monday through Saturday.

Autumn Flowers Class - Saturday September 28th from 1-4pm.  All supplies and drinks/snacks will be provided.  There is plenty of room at the tables to bring lunch with you.

Halloween Moon Class - Tuesday October 15th from 6-9pm.  All supplies and drinks/snacks will be provided.  There is plenty of room at the tables to bring dinner with you.  Adult beverages are permitted after the store closes. 

Happy Harvest Class - Thursday October 24th from 6-9pm.  All supplies and drinks/snacks will be provided.  There is plenty of room at the tables to bring dinner with you.  Adult beverages are permitted after the store closes.

Etsy madness!

My absolute favorite pendant I've ever made... I dunno why, I just love it.

Lookie, lookie!  I have an Etsy site! is slowly but surely getting items added.  I hope to get through the jewelry tomorrow before a friend's wedding, and then I'll start adding the paintings and other miscellaneous stuff that I'd like to get out of my studio after the weekend.  It feels so refreshing to be DOING something with all the things I've made in the last couple years.  I sometimes feel weighed down and unable to come up with new ideas because I'm constantly surrounded by old ideas and spent creativity.

Also, I realized today that I showed pictures of my disaster of a craft room in the old house, but I've never shown you the "after" pics of my studio and craft space in the new house.  I will have to snap some pictures and get them posted in the next few days.

05 June 2013

Exciting weekend

Stitch/Craft Create LIVE is this weekend in Arlington, TX. Guess where I'll be the next two days?! Mom and I made the trek down from Norman tonight so we can spend the whole day tomorrow and Friday at the convention before heading home to be ready to head up to Stillwater on Saturday for another day full of classes. :) This is going to be such a great weekend! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you.

On an unrelated note, we will be repeating the Abstract Landscape class on Saturday June 15th from 1-4pm and the April Showers class on Friday June 21st from 6-9pm. If you missed these the first time, make sure you call Scrap That at 405-310-3400 sign up!

13 April 2013

"LOVE" Painting Class

It was a small group today, but we made up for it by having TONS of fun and making some great art.  :)  Seriously, every class I do is so different, and I appreciate every single one of my students.  I learn as much from teaching you guys as you learn from me.

Our Sample piece this class - The pages are from an old hymnal, so the verses all have something to do with Love. ;)
Usha was at the last class, but she managed to slip out before picture time.  I made sure to catch her this time!  She does beautiful work!  I love the bright green and vivid warm accents. 

Julie didn't want to show her painting at first... because she wanted to tease her daughters.  ;)

But she let me take a real picture too!  :)  I adore the teal and pink (and the fact that her "v" looks like a big heart).

Shelia did this as a mother's day present for her granddaughter, who recently had her first baby.

I love how she added the pictures and used her granddaughter's favorite colors!

Our next class is the "April Showers" painting on April 26th from 6-9pm.  My mom tells me she's going to do hers in green and purple... :)  Should be fun!  Make sure to call Scrap That at 405-310-3400 to reserve your spot!  Remember that alcohol is allowed at the evening classes and that there will be space at your table for food/drinks.

April Showers

25 March 2013

Landscape Madness!

On last Friday, we had my second painting class at Scrap That in Norman, OK.  I had 7 students there to learn how to paint this lovely landscape:

This bunch of ladies was so much fun to hang out with that we actually stayed an extra hour!  ;)  Everyone had a ton of fun and painted a great picture of hang on their wall at home or give as a gift.  I seriously feel like the best instructor ever, even though I know it's none of my doing and entirely their own talent. Unfortunately one student managed to get out the door before I got pictures, but here's the student gallery:

I love this final picture, where you see how each person put their own stamp on the same image!  :)

Our next two class samples are below.  Space is limited so that I can help students 1 on 1 if needed, so call Scrap That at 405-310-3400 to reserve your spot today if you're interested!

April 13th from 1-4pm

April 27th from 6-9pm.  Adult beverages allowed, BYOB.

07 March 2013

First painting class!

As in... the first class I've taught!  I know, right?!  The class was 1-4pm Saturday 3/2/2013 at Scrap That Scrapbooking store here in Norman, OK.  I was so excited, and had three wonderful and talented ladies taking the class.  :)  I'll stop gushing and show you their wonderful work...

Lana had never painted before!  I think she really has a future in painting, she LOVED playing with the paint.

Terri decided she liked my painting so well that she wanted hers as close to the sample as possible, and she did a fantastic job of it!  It's got its own personality, but keeps the same feeling.

Vickie decided to take my sample as a general guideline and did her own thing.  I think it turned out amazing!  It has a real 3D effect in person and seems to pop off the canvas.

My demo sample is one of my favorites I've done of this particular design.  :)

I'm excited to do my next class on March 22nd from 6-9pm... it's my first landscape class!  ;)  And as an added bonus, we can bring wine (or whatever we want to drink) since the store will be closed during the class.  Woohoo!  Nothing goes better with painting than a glass of pinot!

26 February 2013

So long!

A pictorial journey through the first two months of 2013... since I'm too lazy to write about it all.  :)  I've been bitten by the crafting/art bug again and there's so much to do!  Art, jewelry, crafty stuff and laminate flooring has taken up the last month...