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07 March 2013

First painting class!

As in... the first class I've taught!  I know, right?!  The class was 1-4pm Saturday 3/2/2013 at Scrap That Scrapbooking store here in Norman, OK.  I was so excited, and had three wonderful and talented ladies taking the class.  :)  I'll stop gushing and show you their wonderful work...

Lana had never painted before!  I think she really has a future in painting, she LOVED playing with the paint.

Terri decided she liked my painting so well that she wanted hers as close to the sample as possible, and she did a fantastic job of it!  It's got its own personality, but keeps the same feeling.

Vickie decided to take my sample as a general guideline and did her own thing.  I think it turned out amazing!  It has a real 3D effect in person and seems to pop off the canvas.

My demo sample is one of my favorites I've done of this particular design.  :)

I'm excited to do my next class on March 22nd from 6-9pm... it's my first landscape class!  ;)  And as an added bonus, we can bring wine (or whatever we want to drink) since the store will be closed during the class.  Woohoo!  Nothing goes better with painting than a glass of pinot!

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