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25 March 2013

Landscape Madness!

On last Friday, we had my second painting class at Scrap That in Norman, OK.  I had 7 students there to learn how to paint this lovely landscape:

This bunch of ladies was so much fun to hang out with that we actually stayed an extra hour!  ;)  Everyone had a ton of fun and painted a great picture of hang on their wall at home or give as a gift.  I seriously feel like the best instructor ever, even though I know it's none of my doing and entirely their own talent. Unfortunately one student managed to get out the door before I got pictures, but here's the student gallery:

I love this final picture, where you see how each person put their own stamp on the same image!  :)

Our next two class samples are below.  Space is limited so that I can help students 1 on 1 if needed, so call Scrap That at 405-310-3400 to reserve your spot today if you're interested!

April 13th from 1-4pm

April 27th from 6-9pm.  Adult beverages allowed, BYOB.

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