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13 April 2013

"LOVE" Painting Class

It was a small group today, but we made up for it by having TONS of fun and making some great art.  :)  Seriously, every class I do is so different, and I appreciate every single one of my students.  I learn as much from teaching you guys as you learn from me.

Our Sample piece this class - The pages are from an old hymnal, so the verses all have something to do with Love. ;)
Usha was at the last class, but she managed to slip out before picture time.  I made sure to catch her this time!  She does beautiful work!  I love the bright green and vivid warm accents. 

Julie didn't want to show her painting at first... because she wanted to tease her daughters.  ;)

But she let me take a real picture too!  :)  I adore the teal and pink (and the fact that her "v" looks like a big heart).

Shelia did this as a mother's day present for her granddaughter, who recently had her first baby.

I love how she added the pictures and used her granddaughter's favorite colors!

Our next class is the "April Showers" painting on April 26th from 6-9pm.  My mom tells me she's going to do hers in green and purple... :)  Should be fun!  Make sure to call Scrap That at 405-310-3400 to reserve your spot!  Remember that alcohol is allowed at the evening classes and that there will be space at your table for food/drinks.

April Showers

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