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12 January 2012


Today I worked on getting the business side of my world a little more organized and ready for the new year coming up.  My computer area was an absolute disaster - projects half-completed, new supplies purchased and just set nearby, paperwork piled...   I didn't take a before picture to share with you, but trust me when I say that you would have understood my inability to do ANYTHING remotely productive in the space.  I dreaded having to do paperwork or even check email.  

The filing cabinet on the far left has a drawer for personal stuff and a drawer for business stuff now.  On top, the turquoise bins hold my pens and office supplies.  The magazine files are for organizing Orders to Fill on the left and Completed Orders on the right (labels were applied after the photo, silly me).  On my desk there are separate files for Things to Do, Things to File, Incoming Mail, and Outgoing Mail (also sans labels in the pic).  Don't mind that giant stack of magazines and catalogs... they're for inspiration and ordering supplies, and after I've had a chance to look through them they will be filed in the appropriate spots.  The print hanging above my desk was a wedding gift, and off the screen to the left on the wall beside the filing cabinet, I have a white board for keeping my To-Do list straight.

I'm excited to have a space where I feel I can get stuff done!  It took most of the day today to finish with reorganizing and cleaning, but with all the open desk space, I just had to doodle a bit.  Nothing spectacular, but this is the first time I've been inclined to sketch anything at all in months!  It's not done, but here's a peek...

Tomorrow and the next few days after, I tackle the studio space.  Now THAT'S a daunting task.  But it will be even more worth it in the end... or so I keep telling myself. 

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