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10 January 2012

Weight Loss Layout

If you're anything like me, even in this digital age it's just nice to have written, visible documentation of your progress in anything.  This is even more true with something like a New Year's Resolution to lose weight!  I like the concrete feeling of writing down my information in tables and seeing progress from week to week.  On a momentous undertaking like this, most scrapbookers would do pretty much exactly what I've done... I made a layout to help me keep track! 

Both Pages Together
Before Page / Weight Log
After Page / Measurements

I made it sunny yellow and pretty so I actually enjoy looking at it as I record my info!  It has tables for recording my weight as it changes on one sheet, and measurements on the other.  I just made up the tables in Excel and printed them out on plain white paper.  I got an absolutely adorable House Mouse Happy Hoppers stamp called Light as a Feather, that I colored in with colored pencils and plunked down on the Before page, and an absolutely beautiful black rhinestone swirly to put above the After picture space... kinda as a celebration.  I still need to print out a copy of my Before picture and put in it - but I think I'll save sharing that until I have an After pic to go with it!

I hope you enjoyed my little layout!  Check back Wednesday for something new - maybe even some pics of my studio space!

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