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16 November 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wedneday 389

Welcome to my desk on this beautiful Wednesday! I'm feeling much more upbeat and positive about life this week - I've been brainstorming and planning and I think I've set upon a course of action that will help me see the light in the darkness after last week's election debacle.  It is up to me to be a catalyst for change, and the only way to make change is to DO something.  So I'm going to become more of an activist for the things I am passionate about... Enough of serious topics! You're here to see my desk!

Finishing up my Holiday cards... all from one paper pack

So it's not as messy as some, but not nearly as tidy as last week.  I really am lucky that I have the space and organizational talents I have... I've found that while I am in the act of creating, clutter is perfectly fine and unavoidable, but when I'm not currently creating anything, it just stresses me out and makes me less likely to get anything done.  It's good to know ones self.

If you're curious about What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, check out Julia's Stamping Ground for more information or to join in on the world-wide blog hop! It's fun to see other creative spaces every week!

I'm also starting to journal in a bullet journal, trying to track any number of things about myself in a way that I'm more likely to do than writing in a traditional journal.  In my feeling of motivation to change things, I am starting first with myself - so there are habits and activities that I have chosen to work on. One of which, first and foremost, is taking care of myself.  So many of us take care of everyone around us without a thought for improving ourselves or taking time for us. Or if we do, we feel guilty.  Once I get the layouts I'm using finalized, I'll share some pictures of my journal... but if you want to know more in the meantime, check out my Pinterest Journal Board.

Off to read blogs and drink a cuppa. Have a great week, WOYWWers!


  1. I am sitting here in the hotel and decided I would post today after all. Love that paper. Looking forward to seeing the cards. Moms

  2. Hello heather. What a neat desk - even as you are working on a project. As you saw from my post, yes, I work on half a dozen things at once - often for the simple reason that things need to dry before I can carry on... well, that's my excuse anyway!
    If you would like the recipe for that soup, drop me an email to Margaret dot diddanfa at gmail dot com and I will send you a copy. It is truly delicious!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  3. Nice tidy desk, you're right space has a lot to do with organising your stuff but one of my problems is that I have been a crafter all my life and have collected so much stuff over the years that I fear it's time to let some of it go. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x 14

  4. Wow... Your MOM is Okienurse!!! I LOVE HER.. Grin. Thanks for sharing a peek of your very neat and tidy desk... I am feeling just a bit envious of all that wonderful clean space. I am absolutely waiting for that journal share! Thank you for popping by earlier and Happy WOYWW from Lynne in Canada #2

  5. Lovely post. I totally agree with you. My ds has been really discouraged and it hasn't been easy staying away from the news as he works for a newspaper. I think he's finally getting that he has to make sure he stands up for what he thinks is right and cannot allow injustices to happen.

    Anyway enough of that. I too am trying to stay positive.

    Happy Crafting
    Sharon K #32

  6. I feel your pain about the election, but what is done is done and now we move on. Can't wait to see your journal.
    April #50

  7. good luck with whatever you do! great desk today. helen #3

  8. You're right, it is good to know yourself...and some things don't strike you until you're older. I didn't realise how OCD i can be about things until I started crafting 8 years ago for example!!
    And good for you for deciding not to just sit by and moan about the state of affairs. Too many people do that, don't they so I'm proud of you for not letting the status quo carry on...someone has to stand up against what happened. Well done.
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx

  9. Hi Heather, Loving your tidy desk (you commented on my blog how you liked my tidy desk). It's nice to find others who are tidy:)

    Glad life is treating you better and you now have a plan. Looking forward to seeing your projects.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #17

  10. I've been reading a lot about Bullet Journaling - it looks like a ton of work! Let us know how it goes! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #38

  11. Ah Heather a very interesting post, no idea on what bullet journalling is, but guessing it's a briefer form of journaling. Will google it. :)
    Well done on being organised, something I'm always striving towards but never quite achieving!
    Happy WOYWW! Thanks for sharing,
    Shaz in Oz.x #9

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  12. Being a catalyst for change can be a positive and invigorating stance. Blessings!

  13. Being a catalyst for change is a wonderfully inspiring attitude. Imagine if you teemed it with your art.... the world could change :)
    sandra de @26

  14. Good luck on your new journey and journal! Thanks for the visit!

  15. Hi Heather! I also like to have an organized area. I don't mind the mess while I'm crafting but too much out of place disrupts me. Looking forward to seeing what you will make out of that paper.
    Chris #27

  16. Heather, I am currious about your journal and look forward to seeing it, meanwhile I will check out the one on Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by my craft space earlier. #40

  17. So many wonderful Christmas things on other desks and I've not done anything for anything lately, now have nasty cough so even less inclined, oh dear, but right there with you on the clutter front, exactly the same for me. Thanks for visiting BJ#43

  18. Hello Heather. That is trully aa great outlook you are doing for yourself and do so agree with you, making time for you is always good. Love how tidy your desk is and can not wait to see all the cards you have made from one pad of paper. Thanks for visiting me earlier and very sorry I am getting back to you so late. Have a wonderful day. Hugs ~Anne L#19

  19. How strange, when I clicked on two names to do my comments on they were you and your mom!
    That is nice and tidy and I admire you ability to work like that, wish I could. My room is a bit of a dumping ground at the moment but it will be tidied.

    Hugs - a very very late - Neet xx

  20. Very pretty papers for your cards, Heather, and looking further on, you have done a great job with them. Well done. Thank you for your visit last week and your lovely comment - so sorry to be so long acknowledging it but I've been so busy, and then poorly as a result of overdoing things, so I've had a job catching up with myself! Thank you for your encouraging words - hopefully I'll be able to upload some more gold pics tomorrow if I get time.

    A very belated indeed happy WOYWW!
    Shoshi #42


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