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07 October 2016

A leap ahead...

Think you don't have time to make your own Christmas cards? The Happy Holidays Cardmaking Kit takes only about an hour to complete from start to finish - that's 10 cards!! That means each card only takes about 5 minutes to make!

I decided that the kit was beautiful as it was, but I wanted to add some more bling. I broke into my stash of leftovers from previous kits and added some red gems and gold sequins for no extra cost.

Visit to pick up some kits yourself!

G1115 - Happy Holidays Cardmaking Kit
Z2816 - Cranberry Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad
Z2807 - Willow Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad
Y1003 - 2"x2" My Acrylics Block
Y1006 - 3"x3" My Acrylics Block
1512 - Broadtip Glue Pen
Z3090 - Red Enamel Gems
Z2012 - Gold Assortment Sequins

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